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Stress has always existed.From Adam and Eve,From Antiquity and our days. Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life.It can cause diseases,but there is also good stress that promote wellness.Stress is not always necessarily harmful. Winning something can be as stressful as losing.
We ca be stressed when we must learn for a test or an exam and what happens if we don't pass?Some persons who we don't like them can stress us. We find stressful when we are trying to do something and we don't do well that thing.
Also,we can find stressful when our parents send us to buy something or when they force us to do something that we don't like to do.
We can find stressful a colour on a wall from a room.
If we are always stressed we can become psycho.
We can avoid stress if we are listening music,if we read a funny book or we can walk in a garden full of flowers to relax us.Also,we can avoid stress if we talk with a friend about our problem,we can go shopping,we can tell jokes or we can think on funny things.
In conclusion,we need to reduce the stress from our life or improve our ability to manage it.

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