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In the following description, I’m going to present you a port situated on the left shore of the maritime side of Danube, capable to host river and maritime vessels. It was built between 1888 and 1889, after a project of a great Romanian engineer – Anghel Saligny. In the construction process of this port were used for the first time ever in the world blocks of precast concrete.
The port has two major zones, first one – the old port, and the second – the docks basin, both having a minimum depth of 7.5 m.
The old port has several sectors according with their special destination:
- the inoperative zone with natural shore,
- berths for small or recreational boats and maritime vessels,
- berths with mooring pontoons for passenger ships, tourism boats and river vessels,
- Sea berth designed for general cargo with two pontoons for loading maritime ships.

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