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Before having an interview and getting the wanted job, you have to follow several steps in order to increase your chances to succeed. It is important to getting the job especially if this is your dream job. Therefore, when you attend an interview, you better control your emotions and maintain a positive attitude.
The first ten minutes are decisive. This is why from the beginning you have to show enthusiasm, intelligence, and honesty. Knowing what the firm you applied with does, it is important. You can gather information about it from newspapers, TV, acquaintances, or Internet. Even your weaknesses have to appear our strengths during the interview.
Questions possibly asked during the job interview:
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Why did you leave your previous job?
How can you convince me in just few minutes that you are the most appropriate person for the job?
What are your weakest points?
What do you know to do the best?
What situations would put stress on you?
How would you describe your colleagues?
Why did you choose this profession?
What takes over for you, money or social position?
What situations would you loose your calm in?
What makes you better than other candidates?
Are you too young or too old for the job?
What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Why would you like to become our employee?
What do you expect from our firm?
What are your goals for the next 5 years?
Do you have any problems with working full time job?
What is the money you can think of on the job?
Do you have any questions?
At this point of the interview, you should ask questions related to the workplace, the supervisor, workmates, responsibilities, promotions, dress code, but not salary.
The way you dress for the interview is essential as part of the very first impression. Be on time for the interview, as well. Shake hands and look into the interviewer’s eyes with courage. Use the official language and not slang. A nice smile would make a good impression too. Be relax and dynamic. Do not smoke or chew gum during the interview. Be diplomatic in situations when you do not know what to say and direct the discussion towards a field that you feel comfortable with.
Before you leave the place, thank and shake hands with the interviewer. Ask whom you should contact for an answer. Send a thank you card the next day. If everything goes well, you’ll be contacted for a second interview, when you can negotiate the salary.
Good luck!

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