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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence As a theory in the philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence (or AI) is the view that human cognitive mental states can be duplicated in computing machinery. Accordingly, an ...VEZI REFERAT


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I INTRODUCTION  Teeth, hard, bony structures in the mouths of humans and animals used primarily to chew food, but also for gnawing, digging, fighting, and catching and killing prey. Teeth are the bod ...VEZI REFERAT

Global warming

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Global Warming What's Known for Certain? Scientists know for certain that human activities are changing the composition of Earth's atmosphere. Increasing levels of greenhouse gases, like carbon diox ...VEZI REFERAT

Each man is a creator of a temple called the human body

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Each man is a creator of a temple called the human body. A temple is an edifice erected to a deity, like a temple the human body is created for our life. But it is created and kept by us. And it’s in ...VEZI REFERAT


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Patriotism Among many things that characterise the human kind disposition, their capacity of loving is one of the most admired and appreciated. People seem to have a special propensity towards beco ...VEZI REFERAT

Egyptian civilization

acum 15 ani Categorie: Engleza 1659 afisari 636 descarcari

Egyptian civilization According to the Egyptian account of creation, only the ocean existed at first. Then Ra, the sun, came out of an egg (a flower, in some versions) that appeared on the surface of ...VEZI REFERAT

Abortion situation in Romania

acum 5 ani Categorie: Engleza 384 afisari 286 descarcari

  Claudiu Bota Sociology 200 Nov-15-2004 I wrote this paper instead of reading the book: “Rampage: The Social Roots of School Shootings” by Katherine Newman. Counseling women with unwanted pregnancy ...VEZI REFERAT

Humans playing God

acum 5 ani Categorie: Engleza 372 afisari 307 descarcari

In a world where recent advancements have gone beyond the limits of imagination, technology has visibly interfered with the natural order of creation. Firstly, both human and animal cloning raise seri ...VEZI REFERAT

Psychology and human behavior

acum 5 ani Categorie: Engleza 301 afisari 257 descarcari

PSYCHOLOGY AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR Contents : Preface to forward………………………………...3 A.Introduction…………………………………….....4 a.Definition………………………………………...4 b.Psychology and O ...VEZI REFERAT

Artificial intelligence versus human intelligence

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Artificial intelligence versus human intelligence First of all we have to clear up what does artificial intelligence means? If we take a regular computer magazine in their opinion is that intelligence ...VEZI REFERAT

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