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History of The British Museum.

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Some important dates in the history of The British Museum. 1753 On 7 June, King George II gave his assent to the British Museum Act for the purchase of the collections of Sir Hans Sloane and the Harl ...VEZI REFERAT

The Eerie Crystal Shulls

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The Eerie Crystal Skulls Some people with a mystical bend credit them with strange, supernatural powers. Geologists marvel at their size. Archaeologists wonder who made them. And nobody denies that t ...VEZI REFERAT


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Londra In timpul primului razboi mondial Londra a fost tinta numeroaselor reiduri germane cu avioane si zepeline. Orasul a fost bombardat puternic in timpul celui de-al doilea razboi mondial si in spe ...VEZI REFERAT

James Stirling

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James Stirling  1981 Pritzker Laureate  James Stirling, 1926-1992, of Great Britain was one of that country's best-known architects particularly since his 1963 project at Leicester University, the eng ...VEZI REFERAT

Georges Seurat si James McNeill Whistler

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   Georges Seurat     Viata: 22 decembrie 1859-29 martie 1891     Curent: Pointilism     Lucrari reprezentative: "La scaldat, Asnieres" - 1883-1884, "O duminica la Grand-Jatte" - 1884-1 ...VEZI REFERAT


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Dubrovnik DUBROVNIK, a town, port and tourist centre of the southern Croatian coast; population 49,278. It lies at the foot of the limestone Srd Mount (412 m), in a valley enclosed to the south-wes ...VEZI REFERAT

Ieoh Ming Pei

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Ieoh Ming Pei  1983 Laureate Ieoh Ming Pei is a founding partner of I. M. Pei & Partners, since evolved to Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, based in New York City. He was born in China in 1917. He come to t ...VEZI REFERAT

Gustave Moreau si Paul Gauguin

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   Gustave Moreau     Viata: 6 aprilie 1826-18 aprilie 1898     Curent: Simbolism     Lucrari reprezentative: "Iason si Medeea" - 1865, "Orfeu" - 1865, "Leda" - 1865-1875, "Phaeton" - 1 ...VEZI REFERAT


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Berlin, city in northeastern Germany, capital of a united Germany from 1871 to 1945 and again since 1990. It lies on the flatlands of the North German Plain at the confluence of several rivers and ami ...VEZI REFERAT

Curtea de Arges Church & Canterbury Cathedral

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Curtea de Arges Church & Canterbury Cathedral Curtea de Arges Church The town of Curtea de Arges lies 38 km northwest of Pitesti, at the foot of the Fagaras mountains, in the Arges river valley. Wri ...VEZI REFERAT

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