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In my opinion english is spoken almost all over the world.English is used in many field as computers, business and different ways of comunication like the Internet.
Nobodys eweryone needs to speak English because it is necessary for olmost jobs:you cant do any business without English, you can`t communicate through the internet without knowing English because you don`t understand other people messages.English is also used in tourism and computer industry.
In my country English is used in business and computers.We can`t communicate with other country without English.
English is consideret the most important language in the world, the common language for the whole world.For me English is my second mother languageand I am sure I can`t manage without English anywhere.
I have never been to an English speaking country but I`d like to go there.
I lissen to songs in English eweryday and sometimes I watch films in English.
It`s a pitty my mother doesn`t know English but my father speaks it and he can manages in different situation.
I think English will be absolutely necessary for all the future jobes and for contacts with other countries.
If we want to become part of the EU we need English.
Don`t forget it!

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