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Me and the deserted island
Today, captain Scott’s boat is still floating. I am on his boat too and I’m a sailor.
It was true, the island named ‘Kanaby’ was near us.After three hours,we managed to disembark. Every sailor kissed the land and soon after that we tried to find some food.We managed to find some coconuts and some bananas. They were just enough to shoote our hungerr.Shortly after that, captain Scott left with his other sailors and I was left on an unknown island. Some people tried to explore this island but they never came back. That’s why people have chosen the island’s name ‘Kanaby’. It comes from cannibal.
So, as I was saying, I was left on an island. The moon was on the black sky.I was very scared, so I tried to sleep.
Next morning, I ate some bananas and I started exploring. I was very scared on that morning too,but what else could I do?
In front of me,there was a big wood. The darkness from the wood Raised my skin. When I entered it, the trees were so dense that I hardly succeded in getting out of the ‘night’. I was exploring for more than five hours and there was not the shadow of a ghost. After I walked half an hour more , I came back to the place where I was left by my captain.
My mind dripped one conclusion: the island was deserted.
Firstly, I was very scared, but in moment, I remembered what my father told me when I was five: ‘Never panic! You’ll find a solution to solve your problem!’
My fear dissapeared and I made myself a fire. The days passed and I started to build a cave. I plannted some banana trees near the cave. After one year, I had a nice house(cave) and a place where I could find food.

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